Friday, July 5, 2013

With DJ Cupric at The Shipwreck

"The Gay Archipelago" (GA) is a huge collection of gay and lesbian owned sims that collaborate on a voluntary basis in various projects and joint ventures in SecondLife. Every year the GA hosts a huge Summer Festival and Pride celebration with loads of different events, parties and exhibitions spread out over many of the sims.

This years Summer Festival is going full force at the moment, so after having rested all afternoon I decided to drop in on one of the many parties.

As I landed at The Shipwreck the first thing that met my eyes was the sight of the talented and creative Regi Yifu's delicious and perky ass wiggling about in all its bareassed glory.
DJ "The Coop" (Cupric)
The party had just started so people were still dropping in all over the place, but DJ "The Coop" Cupric had already set the tempo which he meant to follow throughout the party.

The high tempo suited my mood perfectly. I accepted a dance invitation and started looking around at the assembled hotties. That's one of life's simplest pleasures that I thoroughly enjoy.

After a while I was joined at the party by my son Guyke and a well-rested and benign Butch.

When Butch was informed about where I was teleporting him he said stoically, "Oh, then I had better undress a little."
I (far left), Regi (center) and the always studly Draghan Marksman (second from the right)
Regi's luscious globes center stage
Uncle Vaan
GA lead Garth Raleigh-Underby and hubby Mitch Underby-Raleigh


  1. This was a great party. I really enjoyed hosting it and we streamed Coop's excellent tunage across the grid via SL Live Radio.
    Thank you for blogging it, Bock. :-)

    1. It sure was a great party, Esme, I thank you and Coop for making it happen! ;)


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