Friday, August 9, 2013

Canadians & Kissing

(Via J.M.G.)

Singer-songwriter Jonny “Gay Pimp” McGovern.highly recommends visiting Canada for their French Kissing, but perhaps he only means Quebec and the French Canadians not the Anglos....? Has anyone tried out the Anglo Canadians kissing skills yet and can tell me if they are worth testing also?

This video is a part of Tourisme Montreal’s new "Do Your Thing In MTL" video series, where they are trying to promote LGBT tourism to Montreal.


  1. Oh I can assure you that all canadian kisses are quite something. Just the right amount of facial stubble can add to the pleasure as well as the natural softness of the lips which despite the sometimes brutal climate, are very gentle....
    Tonight at Bron Yr Aur there will be a Kiss A Canadian party for all curious men ;-)

    1. WooHooo I am going ro be there to try you out, Mr. Anglo-Canadian of the Yearm, but only if the party is at a reasonably Euro-friendly hour ;)


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