Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Duelling Divas"

When I logged into my second life yesterday I was in a rather foul mood. Nothing important at all, I was just feeling sort of generally annoyed with a few - temporary - bastards at work.

Garth Raleigh must either be really intuitive or knows me well enough to ascertain my current mood from reading my posts. Well, almost as soon as I had logged in he contacted me and suggested two great mood enhancers, 1) shopping and 2) a bit of light entertainment.

I was very grateful for both tips and jumped right into shopping, where I managed to get my son Guyke and my friend Butch to accompany me on the shopping trip. (The two are actually co-founders of SecondLife Shopaholics Anonymous). When I after a while of shopping suggested that they come with me to a show the two uncouth philistines flatly refused and called me pretentious. Moi pretentious, is that fair I ask you?

Well anyway, I left them at The 24 still shopping away like crazy and teleported to the Theater on the Hill all set to enjoy the company's production of "Duelling Divas". The show starred Oliver Elton and Juve Wheelwright, with Othon Weiland as a lesser diva and a whole lot of cute child avatars as supporting acts.
The enthusiastic audience were treated to a string of songs and show tunes - including but not limited to - "The Winner Takes It All", "Performance of My Life", "Gracias a la Vida", "Someone Like You", "This Is My Life", "Out Here On My Own""Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux" and "You'll Never Walk Alone".
Juve Wheelwright
Oliver Elton
The kids
The finale with Othon center stage
I had an excellent time and was in completely different mood when I logged out than when I logged in. Thank you Garth, Guyke, Butch, Othon, Oliver and Juve for salvaging my Monday!

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