Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Am Totally Biased!

Recently I and my poor little blog have gained some attention due to my posts concerning the upcoming Second Pride election.

I have received messages and emails asking me to post this or that "to prove" that I am unbiased and objective. It is totally beyond me how anyone can think I am unbiased or even attempting to be that.  I am a blogger, not a journalist. Every post I run is something I myself find interesting and have an opinion about, which I in rare cases choose not to share with you. Usually however I will tell you what I believe, think or feel in no uncertain terms.

In this election I have asked the candidates certain questions that I believe are relevant and pertinent. I have done so respectfully and with no interest whatsoever of "bashing" them or making personal attacks in anyway. Despite this I have, more than once, been accused of bashing or personally attacking some candidates, sometimes even by the candidates themselves.

I have also been asked or told - anonymously or straightforwardly - to ask a certain candidate something or other. I have always refused to do so because I am not a mouthpiece for anyone but myself,. If someone else wishes to ask a question they should do so themselves.

I of course realize that others do not always agree with me, and however distasteful I may find their views I will allow them to comment on my blog as long as they stick to the issue and don't attack other commenters or people, should they wish to launch a personal attack at me they are welcome to do so.  I have only ever removed one (1) real comment and several hundred spam comments. The real comment I removed was a personal attack on an avatar and had no relevance to the post at all. Even the four Swedish female avatars that I utterly detest, can and have indeed left comments here even if I have expressly asked them never to do so.

In spite of this I today received an acidic message in private on Facebook from someone whom I thought was a friend, thanking me for permitting him "to leave a comment on (my) magnanimous blog". This totally irked me.

So be warned, I am opinionated and totally biased. Always!


  1. I have 3 blogs 2 active and 1 inactive,I also have my FB.I look at it this way they are mine and I choose what I post and if people don't like what I have to say,then they are not being forced to read them.I am always open to suggestions or their opinions.Personaley I happen to agree with what you say

  2. Free speech or die my Swedish King.
    There are literally only 2 or 3 of us with big enough balls to blog about things directly and using names while putting our name behind it and not hiding with shaking knees.
    Look at the results and what we seem to have helped achieved? Seems it is finally going to die down.

  3. By the way, most importantly...the pic on this post is breath taking.

    1. Sweet Ziggy, you spoil me with your flattery ;)

  4. There are many hot emotions right now over the Pride elections. I think once the elections are over, friends will be friends again -- who might be supporting one view over another right now. In the end, most of us just want a strong pride and great Pride Week --- and will come back together to make this happen.

  5. To be brutally honest there has been no real loyalty in the gay community on SL or RL.
    Bears vs Twinks, one club against another. It is a fact of life that humans are just too war like.
    In the early days 2007ish the clubs seemed to all work together but then everyone and their uncle opened a sim and club and it all scattered into too many directions and in fightings. Just being honest and realistic.


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