Monday, August 5, 2013

I Voted Today!

I voted in the election for the Second Pride board of 2014 today, at the earliest possible opportunity for me. As I had followed the forums and other activities closely during the campaign it was not difficult at all for me to decide whom I should vote for.

For a while I contemplated sharing how I voted for the different candidates with you, but I decided against it. I did so mainly because I did not want to influence you one way or the other.

Whom you vote for is a matter for you alone to decide. We trust or distrust people for a huge variety of different reasons and we all have our individual preferences and personal visions for the future of Second Pride.

All I ask of ya'll is that you do your part now and cast your votes. Your vote matters! And oh, just one more thing, rest assured the world will still spin and Second Pride will still survive whatever the outcome will be.

Be Responsible, Go Vote & Be Proud!


  1. Ok how and where do I vote?
    I go the website and it says thanks for your vote like i already voted?

    1. You first need to register at the bottom of the website, buddy! Once you have done that you should be able to vote ;)

  2. Granted, the site is somewhat confusing in that procedure - I see notes on FB all day long where people don't know to scroll down and log in first before going to voting page - they go right to page and expect it to work .

  3. Well I tried but the the page thinks I am an alt because of Larzy already voting so can't vote.

    1. They didn't think of the situation where there were two genuine accounts in the same household and using the same Internet-connection.

      Thanks for trying buddy, I can ask no more! ;)


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