Monday, August 19, 2013

Installation of the SP2014 Board

Yesterday I gathered, with many other members, to witness the installation of the SP2014 board.

It was a very civilized and undramatic affair with the new board directors dressed up in all their finery (Imagine, if you can, Hotboy in a dashing grey suit which actually covered most of his skin except the face, neck and hands!) while the rest of us there in our usual sexy "shabby chic" attires.

Khar Indigo (archive photo)
The most moving and interesting moment of the event was when Kharissa Indigo, the outgoing Events director, initiated the proceedings with a eulogy for the recently deceased Marcus Steeplechase:
"I want to take a moment to remember Marcus Steeplechase, whose brilliant mind inspired the 2010 board and the community. Marcus was a man that thought outside the box and inspired others to follow. He never judged anyone by gender or sexual preference but encouraged the very best from them. He was a kind-hearted man. He was passionate with a wicked sense of humor and my mentor. More than that he was one of my very best friends. Under Marcus’ leadership, Second Pride produced some amazing events: For example, Teahouse of the August Moon - an inspiring play  done by the Pride players. He spearheaded a fabulous Art Walk that lasted several days with over 80 participants on 3 sims; with a fundraising  party at the end. Marcus orchestrated the huge Haunted Mansion and party bringing together a community of builders. Second Pride Festival that year was inspired by the waterways of Venice. The water floats were a fabulous idea but  try as they might just couldn't seem to get around the waterways. Last year, Marcus returned  for a an encore performance of “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” at Pride.  Marcus was an amazing man in his real life and second life, a champion for those whose needs were greater than his own. He brought the community together like no one else could; people working together to create that special fun and excitement. Sadly he passed away on August 3,  2013, His accomplishments in Second Life and Second Pride and for those of us that knew him, his memory, will live on forever in our hearts.
Like Marcus and others before him,I encourage the new board to take the lead in  helping the community heal and come together. I encourage the community to invite your friends and neighbors to join you. Make something positive happen. I'm looking forward  to a bright future for Second Pride and it’s community. 
Thank you for listening"
The speech was greatly appreciated by the assembled members.

Following that there were a few other speeches and then the outgoing directors that were present passed over passwords etc. to  their incoming counterparts.I am assuming that the directors that were not present have done or will do the same at the earliest convenient moment.

The outgoing board of SP2013 were thanked for their hard work and devotion during the past year, while the incoming board of SP2014 were congratulated and showered with our heartfelt best wishes for the coming year.

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