Monday, August 12, 2013

Marcus Steeplechase - In Memoriam

When I came home from work today I received an email from my brother in-law Dejeritty Mycron informing me that news had reached SecondLife yesterday that Marcus Steeplechase had passed away.
Marcus Steeplechase
October 20, 2006  -  August , 2013
Marcus first rezzed into SecondLife the same week as my late husband Ars Northmead and Dejerrity Mycron. Ars always spoke highly of him and I know that Dej is grieving his passing.

I did not know Marcus well myself and only met him in his capacity of owner of one of the most famous and long lasting gay clubs in SecondLife, The Ironworks Club. He was always friendly to me and seemed like an extremely cheerful and boisterous man with a rowdy sense of humor.

After the Ironworks Club closed in early 2010 I didn't see him much in SecondLife, except at the Second Pride Festival last year. There he played the lead role of king Henry in the musical farce "The Six Wives of  Henry VIII". He also played Anne Boleyn's sister Jane and possibly some other roles too.

Rest in peace, Marcus!

My thought go to Marcus's family and friends in first life and in SecondLife, remember he was loved and will live forever in your hearts and minds!


  1. I met Marcus not long after I first rezzed and I always found him to be a really nice guy - although our paths never crossed much I knew him to be stalwart of our community and his passing will be felt by many

  2. marcus didnt pass yesterday. we just got informed about it yesterday. Phil said something about last week saturday.
    For me Marcus was a mentor and I really will miss his humour and all the positive things he brought into second life. Im really really sad

    1. Thank you for pointing that out, Sasch, I will correct the post accordingly.

  3. Marcus was also one of the first people I met when I was a noob when Ironworks had a legendary party on a temp scaffold stage on the mainland before Warehouse Plaza.
    Back in the heyday of Ironworks, Marcus and company threw legendary parties, second to none.., we will never see parties like this again.

  4. Marcus was one of those people that loved life.....he shared not only his own personal life experiences, but shared his dream to make people happy.....he strived to make people show off their best quality yet, help them along the way if needed.......second life wasn't just a game for was his personal passion to help people realize that they were so important in life and their purpose in life was to also be there for others.....I have such Honor in not knowing Marcus......Memories is all we have and I hope you cherish those memories......I know I will.......Phil

  5. Anyone who knew Marcus knew his gift to inspire others. He was a natural leader and nurtured so many talents in so many people. The legacy of his time in Second Life lives on in those he leaves behind. His humor and personality were unique and will be sadly missed by all.


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