Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Nobody Pokes Anymore", He Said

My bosom buddy Apmel Goosson, a.k.a. +Lennart Nilsson commented on my post Facebook Error, see exhibit 1 below.
Exhibit 1
So as the good man I am, I did not wish to leave him un-poked for a second longer than necessary and rushed onto Facebook to give him a good poke, lo and behold this is the response I got from Facebook, see exhibit 2 below.
Exhibit 2
Apmelito, the reason "nobody pokes (you) anymore" is evident, you do not return the pleasure and by doing so cannot receive anymore delicious pokes!


  1. *sigh* I DO get poked..but like MOST old FBers I don´t answer requests to join games or poke back anymore. I MIGHT make an exceptioon in your case, buddy :)

  2. I never answer pokes. I am a Facebook hermit.

  3. How blasphemous, I need to be slapped!


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