Friday, September 27, 2013

Fantasy Gay Pride 2013, September 27-October 6

From a press release kindly supplied by Garth Raleigh, the lead of Gay Archipelago
Fantasy Gay Pride opens on Friday September 27 and ends on Sunday October 6

Your ride to the Fantasy Gay Pride (SLurl)

Every year a small group of creators get together to create a weeklong celebration of everything LGBT. Their aim is to promote acceptance of all positive sexual orientations and of all genders. All sexualities are very welcome to the festival to raise awareness of these issues worldwide - all on a unique, one time only island, created for this event.

Find your inner Fae! A fantastic and intriguing land with creations and magic never seen before from our very talented fantasy and fae designers.

Come and immerse yourselves in legend and wonder, ancient Archetypes we all hold deep in our psyches... the curious... the strange... the challenging... Our fae nature resonates to these strong and subtle primal earth energies. These ancient powers.

We fight for global LGBT rights - there are still countries where gays are attacked and tortured and being gay is punishable by imprisonment or death. But we are glad the movement for marriage equality is growing and going from strength to strength, as more and more countries embrace and champion it. We will get there, LGBT people will be accepted everywhere - we will demand it as a fundamental human right and have a great deal of fun doing it!

The program of events

Friday September 27
  • 1PM Sim Opening With Wolfgang Glinka - Gay Poet & Novelist 
  • 2PM-4PM Celebration Dance at the Castle - DJ Dance with DJ Shay Sunnyside- Princes and Princesses
  • HUNT! ongoing Sept 27- Oct 6
Saturday September 28
  • 12PM (noon) Hammerfla Magic
  • 1PM "The Fairy Who Loses His Wings" Fairy Show by Whinge & Pluckett (Karalia Halostar & Greville Oh)
  • 2pm to 4pm - DJ DANCE (Shay Sunnyside or Starhawk Starostin)
Sunday September 29
  • 12PM (noon) Brendan Shoreland
  • 2PM-4PM - DJ DANCE - DJ Lysana Celtic Myths and Legends
Monday September 3
  • 8AM Wedding of Gog Nirvana and Rian OHanlan
  • [no performances]
Tuesday October 1
  • 1PM Wolfgang Glinka - Poetry
  • 5 PM Anek Fuchs
Wednesday October 2
  • 7PM "The Fairy Who Loses His Wings" Fairy Show by Whinge & Pluckett (Karalia Halostar & Greville Oh)
Thursday October 3
  • 4PM Anek Fuchs
Friday October 4
  • [no performances]
Saturday October 5
  • 12PM (noon) Hammerfla Magic
  • 1PM Key Drammond
  • 2PM-4PM - DJ DANCE (Shay Sunnyside or Starhawk Starostin)
Sunday October 6
  • 10AM  Max Kleene
  • 11AM Keeba Tammas
  • 12PM (noon) Brendan Shoreland
  • 2PM-4PM - DJ DANCE- Astoria Luminos "Fairy Tales"


  1. Oh...I want to attend this event about fairys.

    1. Everyone is welcome Helene, and I think the fairy show will be great so I am most certainly going ;)


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