Sunday, September 8, 2013

Poll Concerning My Ass

A certain blogger, who shall remain unnamed, has asserted that looking at my ass made him (yes, it is a man and he is gay too), and I quote, "blackout from boredom". Before reshaping my ass I am going to ask my readers if you agree with said blogger or not.

Please take the poll in the upper right hand corner!


  1. Is it so wrong that I just wet myself looking at this?

  2. Ryce said "turn around" and now we can talk!

  3. I used to know this old, old sailor, who'd describe shapely rears as being "a Lucky Strike", as in "so round, so firm, so fully packed." Your ass is too small and too tight. It needs to be a bit bigger, to support such a heroic torso. It also needs just a bit of plush.

  4. hihi Bock,
    your post reminded me to another ... uhm... let´s say "lineup of tushies". take a look, perhaps it helps by reshaping your butt.
    good luck
    Dodo :-)

  5. Yes a very tiny bit bigger to get the perfect proportions.

    Check this:

  6. after a long study I say:
    nice ass butt

  7. While it would not put me to sleep per se, I find it too small, too flat, and not round enough ... says the fellow who never goes below 80 on the butt slider when modding his shape hahaha

    1. However, that being said, it is YOUR bum, and if you like it, that is all there is to it. A friend once told me mine looked too big and "flabby" I did not change my shape because someone did not like it, and if you genuinely like it as is, then I do not recommend changing it!


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