Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Results of the Poll On My Ass

Recently I asked you, my dear friends and readers, how you would react to my stunning derriere.

The poll concluded after a week and I am now happy to present the results.

Fortytwo responded and of these
25 respondents (59%); proved that they have excellent and impeccable taste while
4 respondents (10%); proved they have no taste at all and
13 respondents (31%); proved that they are jealous as hell of my plump, cute, awesome, perky, fluffy and furry ass.


  1. runs his finger up the crack of your ass and nods in agreement with the 59%.

  2. I would have to see it in person I can't tell from pictures

  3. Oh Kharissa trust me, it is a spectacular ass and when he turns around you should have an oxygen tank because you will faint...

  4. Or, to speak in the famous words of Jack McFarland: "Ladies and Gentlemen, fresh from 45 minutes of Butt-Robics, I give you: The Ass! "


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