Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Mission to Krakow

“Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła” are the first words is the national anthem of Poland. Translated to English they mean "Poland Is Not Yet Lost".

The words became relevant in a discussion yesterday at  a summit meeting at Southern Charm. The recent discovery of an age-old peace treaty in SecondLife from as far back as 1993 whereby the citizens of the Polish town of Krakow with SecondLife avatars swore eternal allegiance to the laird of Southern Charm (or his legitimate predecessor). Over time the treaty had been forgotten and no efforts had been made to develop or consolidate the alliance.

The discussion concerned whether or not it was meaningful for Southern Charm to try to revive or revitalize the treaty or if Krakow should be given up. At one point in the discussion HRH prince Wild Zepp, who always finds a way to show off his multilingual talents exclaimed, "Noch ist Polen nicht verloren", which is the German translation of the initial words in the Polish anthem. 

This enthusiastic outburst completely changed the mood of the meeting, and instead of asking whether or not a mission should be sent to Krakow to salvage what was possible the conversation switched to when and how the mission should be formed.

It was finally decided that the mission of "love, peace and cordiality" much include the laird himself accompanied by an unwedded prince and a an unwedded princess of his immediate family. The latter two would be married off with some Krakowians to further strengthen the bond. "With their beautiful faces, bodies and minds and their charming dispositions the residents of Krakow will not be able to resist us!", HRH princess Hedda Millar said.

The two unmarried royalty that were chosen from within the family were HRH princess Minerva Xenno and HRH prince Matt Gaboian, who were both able and willing albeit a bit concerned about how this would end.

It was determined that the mission would leave, with a rudimentary following of only fifty people to care for and serve the royal's immediate needs. as soon as possible, i.e. the next Tuesday and return back on Sunday.

"Krakow is still Ours", the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls, Sovereign Ruler of the Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment Region and Outer Territories and finally also UN appointed Protector of the Solace Island and Mount Whitney sims in SecondLife, concluded with a happy smile.

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