Monday, October 7, 2013

Open Letter


I didn't know the list of who really controlls the U.S. government was quite so extensive, but you learn something new everyday!


  1. One big secret club and they don't want you in it!
    The rich are more richer than ever before while the poor get poorer.

  2. We are watching the decline of the United States of America as the remaining world superpower faster than anyone expected. It is clearly due to financial reasons, the U.S. simply can no longer afford to be the world's policeman and pay for some very basic social services such as national health insurance that other industrial nations take for granted. Many around the world have hoped that this would come, especially those on the left who think the United States is far to arrogant, militaristic, and imposing. But given the options of who exactly can replace the United States --- Russia, China, Rising Militaristic Islam -- or in a worst case many nuclear armed and competitive mid-range powers -- the future looks very frightening indeed.

  3. The finger on the trigger is quivering and long overdue. ;-)


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