Monday, November 11, 2013

A Child Is Born

The most loveable badboy of the SecondLife gay community, or the part of it that I know, Ziggy Starsmith yesterday revealed a sensational story on his - yet again - reborn blog "Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life....".
Ziggy and his son Ace out on a stroll in Second Norway
(Courtesy of Ziggy Starsmith)
Believe it or not, but Ziggy is now a father! Although Ziggy on his blog claims that the wonderful 11lb (5 kg), blond and blue eyed, bundle of joy is adopted, rumors have it that Ziggy actually gave birth to the sweet boy himself. The delivery was supposedly gruesome until the gay-hating doctor finally relented and allowed a cesarean to be performed.

Its a wonderful world when miracles like this occur. Ziggy is said to be contemplating writing a book or a blog entitled "From Wild to Mild. A gay single father's guide to responsible parenting in SecondLife".

I am not a rumormonger so I will spare you from the speculations about who the father may be, suffice it to say that it is a fact that a certain well known blond male avatar lives in the blue mansion ("Villa Kakelbont") you see in the picture above, incidentally just across the road from Ziggy's home...

For more information and cute pictures, please visit "Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life...."


  1. Rumour has it not that Avatar, but his (Steph) father was the Culprit. That individual has a nack for Poking around carelessly, leaving him to father many children!

  2. Only a DNA test could prove all these falsehoods. lies, lies, fibs I scream to no avail.....

  3. I can think of two blond european males that could be the other father....I say no more. ;)

  4. Well, in that case Ziggy, we have a sample of the one, all we need is a sample of you to put into our testing machine.. It should be out there soon enough.. unless you have something to hide, ofcourse....

  5. DNA results are now in.....the other father is....
    (Bock has the right answer in his blog post)


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