Sunday, October 20, 2013

At "Villa Kakelbont"

My stepson Guyke Lundquist is very unlike me in many ways. One of them is that he c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y remodels his home, while I do so very rarely. Guyke must have about 200 buildings in his Inventory of all conceivable styles imagined or encountered through all the history of mankind and the furnishing and accessories to match them all.

While I was away Guyke has completely remodelled his home, aided and abetted in his work by the brilliant and talented - yet surprisingly humble - builder/interior designer/window decorator Butch Diavolo.

This time Guyke has gone for a Scandinavian countryside/peasant villa, which is a vast contrast to the ultramodern design of the home he had before. He has named the new home "Villa Kakelbont", which is the Dutch version of the name of Pippi Longstocking's home "Villa Villekulla".
The guys have done some amazing work and created an extremely cozy home using a lot of the nooks and crannies of the wonderful building for reading, work, play etc.
At the back of the house there is a wonderful balcony and - as is the case everywhere in Second Norway - one is never far from the wonderful water.


  1. It looks so nice Guyke! Now I expect an invite to see the inside as well soon. ;) *hugs*

  2. It is a beautiful house and much more appropriate for the ferocious winter snow storms which are inevitable in Second Norway. Logs chopped and ready for the fireplace, wood burning stoves cleaned and ready and if you remember last year...during winter storms there are many babies coming out a few months after any storm.

  3. to be complete: Pippi Longstocking, is in Dutch Pippi Langkous


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