Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fashion Alert

Quote about this picture by Erich Treeby, crochet designer and blogger of Crochet Empire.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." With this quote in mind, please commit the following vintage mens’ fashions to memory. We cannot allow history to repeat itself.

The volleyball says “These are sporty looks!”. Nothing says sporty like an acrylic sleeveless tunic and butter yellow bike shorts.

I personally don't think crochet and armpit hair were ever intended to be seen side by side.

The ripple stitch poncho is fantastic. It totally doesn't look like he stuck his head through a hole in the blanket on the back of his couch. At least now he’s moth-proofed. And female-proofed.

I'm not really sure what message the blond guy is trying to send with the “pantless tunic” look. Layer cake on top, party on the bottom?


For those who may be wondering; No, I do not crochet.

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  1. ok, first I have to say I love the new banner!! Happy Holidays to Tomais and Bock! As to the vintage crochet fashion, I shudder in the thought this might actually make it back on the fashion pages. I am actually old enough to remember when it was in fashion the first time :) It was awful then and hasn't got much better. Ask Elfay, she would probably agree :)

    Hugs, Di


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