Sunday, December 8, 2013

Millimina Approves!

I am studying my beautiful loved ones and trying to guess what is going on between them
Dimi & Mark Tarantello, DJ Sarco, Tomais and Millimina
Yesterdays SP Winter Ball took place in the beautiful ballroom that the amazing Jak Calcutt, SP Build Director, has set up in a magnificent castle over the Second Pride sim.

Jak must have had his little helper Karl Kalchek, SP Community Relations Director, polishing the floor for weeks. It was so shiny in fact that I was relieved that I did not go commando in my family tartan, which had been one of my clothing options for this illustrious evening.
Dej and I
Tomais and Guyke

My sister Millimina dropped in unannounced and unexpectedly to give Tomais the third degree. Both parties were extremely discreet, however Millimina later informed me that my chosen lover had been vetted and met with her approval. Jubilation!

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  1. It was easy to approve him. Tomais is such a nice man. :-)



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