Friday, December 13, 2013

Photoshoot with Ricco

This evening I went along to watch as Tom had a photoshoot with Ricco Saenz for his blog Second Sighting. Ricco Saenz's journey in SL.

The shoot took place at the wild, mysterious and beautiful Dark Moon Avalon Isle sim. Tom was in his centaur avatar while handsome Ricco was a satyr. I could tell that the two knew each other well because their collaboration on the set was effortless and smooth.
In one of the pictures they took, Tom was supposed to have an arrow sticking into his bodacious rump and he was whining about it. I and Ricco ganged up on poor Tom and told him to "man up" and "take it like a man".

While the guys were posing, chatting and taking pictures I tried for the longest while to add Ricco's blog to my SecondLife blogroll, but it just would not stick whatever I tried. So I blamed it on "that darned technology" and decided try doing it after I had logged off.

When I tried it again it still did not let itself be added but I was reminded by a similar experience a while back so I checked my blogroll. Sure enough, the reason I could not add it was that it had already been added a long time ago duhhhhh. 

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