Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Swimming, Submarining & More

Just a couple of pictures with captions from late last night and early this morning.
 After sending Guyke to bed Tom and I enjoyed some alone-time at his home.
I played "Submarine", Tomais is waiting for the periscope to come up
Later on we were joined at Tom's party beach by his family members Rylan Sirnah and Nikolai Warden and my brother Dej for an impromptu party.

Ry's music was great except when he briefly played a song by Army of Lovers, I never could stand them. So sorry for my outburst Ry!

I want to thank Nikolai and Ry for the warm welcome they gave me and Dej into their extended family and Ry for his many kind words about me, which I dare not repeat for fear of being called conceited.
Nikolai, Rylan, I, Tom and Dej
We had a wonderful time at the beach until I discovered that it was 5AM my local time and I suddenly realized how tired I was. I hope the guys kept going a while longer!

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