Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tomais Saves Zeus

After having attended a wonderful masqued ball at Dimi and Mark Tarantello's Venetian palazzo yesterday, I felt like being alone with my husband for a bit of heavy breathing. Little did I know...

When we arrived at our summer house we changed into appropriate attire, i.e. buttnaked, and decided that we would go out into the woods to play. As we arrived at the camping site my ever alert Tomais noticed that something was wrong and pointed it out to me.
The strait between the Zeus sim and our summer home was completely covered by globular prims that had been rezzed by a griefer - and kept on rezzing. The huge spherical prims went far up into the sky and deep down into the ground, covering most of the strait and much of the Zeus sim.

As Tomais started searching for the source of the attack (which was later located to a corner of the Zeus sim that was empty and listed as for rent), I pointed out to him that he was naked and would need to put something on before going over to handle the emergency.

My valiant and fearless superhero went right into the middle of the mess created by the griefer and located the source and also came up with a working solution on how to solve it.

The solution in this case, after it had turned out that Tomais despite having managerial rights could not return the objects belonging to the hacked account, was for someone to rent the parcel and with owner rights return the prims and disallow building.

Later when I talked with Tomais' brother Nikolai, he asked me if Tomais was wearing one of his superhero outfits while performing the heroic deed. I had to confess that he had not.

I made a mental note - as the superhero's official sidekick - to be more specific in my instructions in the future. Instead of just reminding him to get dressed I had to tell him to wear his Superman, Batman or any of the many other superhero outfits in his Inventory.

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