Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Man of Many Talents

When I and Tomais returned to our beach house today, after a busy - and highly successful - day of gardening and dewinterizing at Southern Charm, we found Dru Eiren-Milneaux there already.

Dru was finishing off his work of building a staircase from the beach up to the house. As it was an extremely hot day, he was working in the buff so he wouldn't suffer from heat exposure. Apart from being a talented builder Dru is a wonderful photographer in both first life and SecondLife and, Tomais tells me, he is also talented in many handicrafts in first life.

During our conversation, I had to go AFK a while to "wash my hands" and get a smoke, when I returned I was greeted by a message written in the sand. It seems Dru had a special talent he wished to show me.
I laughed so hard and long that I nearly fell off my chair. While I and Tomais were still laughing and coughing and almost falling to pieces, Dru showed off with a little more of his "pee-art".
Isn't it simply amazing how many of us discover hidden talents in SecondLife? If the world only knew...

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