Sunday, February 16, 2014

The GA Retirement & Induction Party

I have, almost since I first rezzed into SecondLife, been a member and supporter of the Second Pride group. As such I admit to once having viewed the formation of The Gay Archipelago as a new LGBT community in-world with much scepticism and even suspicion, "Why would we want or need two or more groups with such a relatively small LGBT community?"

Over the years - through my friendly relations with first Fabrice Snook (the founder of the GA-group) and later with also with Garth Raleigh and Othon Weiland (the outgoing Leads) - and having seen all the good work that has been done in the Gay Archipelago over the years I have completely revised my position on this matter. Today I (as a Swedish saying goes) stand "with one foot in each camp", although perhaps still leaning a little towards Second Pride. I now view the two groups as necessary and complementary and I also understand that both are working for the LGBT community in SecondLife as a whole. My only hope is that we may in the future see some more collaborative efforts and unified activities. 

The following message comes to us via a press release from The Gay Archipelago, kindly supplied to me by the outgoing GA-Lead Garth. (I really must have a talk with Rico and Xcept (formerly also known as Parvin) soon, so that this excellent service and tradition is continued under the new leadership, it is sometimes difficult for a poor blogger to keep up with everything that goes on in two lives without a few kind prods.)

I hope to see you all at the retirement and induction party at Gay Fun World tonight!
"In 2007, The Gay Archipelago was founded to be a place where the LGBT community could live, create, and share dreams together.  A diverse group of visionaries, leaders, and their assistants committed themselves to the idea that we are stronger together.  In those seven years we have grown and labored to become what we are today, an international community of over 100 member estates and well in excess of two thousand Second Life residents. This progress did not happen overnight, nor did it happen without embracing change. 
Today marks another change for our Community, one in leadership. Garth Raleigh and Othon Weiland have retired from their positions, but not from their active lives in the GA.  They will take their well earned places in history as one of the most successful teams of leaders our community has ever seen. They have set the standard upon which we, the incoming leadership team, will be measured. The bar has been set high.
Ricogenu, your new GA Lead, and Xcept Atlas, your new PR Lead, stand at the ready to continue to provide service to you, our member regions, and your residents. We are committed to listening to your feedback, answering your questions, identifying and fixing any challenges we encounter, and sharing our skill sets, so that we may continue to meet the needs of our community.
We also want you to know that during this time of change, we greatly value you and the significant work you do every day to sustain the Gay Archipelago's position as a leader of Second Life's LGBT Community - a place of welcome, orientation, community and help. 
Finally, we thank you for the opportunity to lead this great association. Together we will grow our future, and plan for the years ahead. 
We invite you to join us in celebration on Sunday, February 16th at 1pm SLT at Gay Fun World (SLurl) for Garth's and Othon's retirement party and the induction of Ricogenu and Xcept. Like yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Our Journey Continues Together. 
Sincerely,Ricogenu Resident and Xcept Atlas"

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