Sunday, March 2, 2014

SCOOP: Superheroes Caught in the Act

Over the past decades there has been talk and rumors concerning the identities and sexual inclinations of some of the superheroes. The speculations escalated even more after one of the superheroes, "The Green Lantern" (a.k.a. Alan Scott). came out as gay in June 6, 2012.

Much attention was at first focused at "The Dynamic Duo" ("Batman and Robin"), but despite many in-depth investigations no conclusive evidence has been unearthed on the nature of their relationship - yet. Interest then moved on to the superhero known as "Spider-Man", Mr. Peter Parker

When it became known that Mr. Parker had spent an inordinate amount of time in the immersive 3D virtual reality known as SecondLife during the last seven years, the intrepid sleuths followed him there a few months ago to see if anything interesting would surface. 

Once Mr. Parker's avatars name was revealed to be Bock McMillan, his carefully kept secret was out. Bock is an unabashed, blatant homosexual and everyone in SecondLife knows it. 

As the journalists were on the verge of going public with the story, they noticed an extremely fit, sexy and well groomed avatar named Tomais Ashdene lurking around Bock. Having grown up with the superheroes and their ilk and knowing every detail about their lives, the investigators immediately recognized several familiar facial and body traits of another well known crimefighter so they decided to hold off going public a little while. 

Yesterday the honey trap that had been set up at a private home in SecondLife finally paid off and the sensational news has reverberated on the Internet since the early hours. The revealing pictures of the superheroes "going at it" have gone absolutely viral.

Mr. Peter Parker is in-fact gay and has lately in SecondLife married another well known crimefighter, none other than Mr. Kit Walker, a.k.a. "The Phantom", "Mr. Walker", "The Ghost Who Walks" and "The Man Who Cannot Die"

See the pictures below, to believe it!

More revealing picture below the break. 

The pictures you are about to view may contain nudity or content that some believe is only suitable for adults

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