Thursday, March 13, 2014

Second Pride Responds to Defamation on Facebook

Marge Beaumont, the Second Pride Treasurer, has today responded to recent defamation against inworld organizations and charities - among other Second Pride - occurring on Facebook.

I choose to post the full response here.

Letter from the Second Pride Treasurer in response to Facebook (url to the post)
There has been some malicious and unconscionable posts made on Facebook that unfortunately need to be addressed.
“The Second Pride Board uses its funds to supplement the “parties or fundraisers.”” the individual points to the 6/30/2013 link.
In actuality Second Pride donated 533,500 Lindens (2,000USD) to IGLHRC on 8/8/2013.
In addition after the membership voted to purchase a Second Life sim, Second Pride provided rent free space for charities involved with our community.
Events for 2013 cost 1745 Lindens 0.07% of the Second Pride expenditures.
The other expenditures for 2013 as for previous years was sim rental for our fest. As any board would do, Lindens were set aside to pay for sim tier the next year.
There is nothing covered here – it is all transparent.
This year the Second Pride Board has spent 0 Lindens for any fundraiser we have supported or endorsed.
When the sim was stripped of all buildings and landscape, Second Pride Board members and some members, floated that coast through their own donations. To stop an further stripping of the sim – everything belongs to the Second Pride Avatar,
Specific donations for rebuilding or other things are listed as bound donations.
Yes Board members without cost to our finances have donated a lot to Second Pride – a tradition that previous boards have followed.
Before accusing or suggesting that the lindens are going to promote our fundraisers, I suggest you go back yo your puppet master and get new instructions
Our funds are collected, reported along with complete transparency on this website bi weekly.
“I am not going to work with Second Pride if person X or Person Y is working with the Board."
Get over itSecond Pride will work with anyone that outs the mission of Second Pride over their own personal importance or ego.
If you do not “like” someone I am sorry to hear that. However that will not stop the participation of anyone.
This is not a high school or middle school election. Second Pride is an organization that is dedicated to the LGBT community in Second Life. It is not a place for personal egos or fiefdoms.
Last year someone went after a Board member on purpose. They tried to drag her through HELL on facebook. She ignored it for the good of Second Pride and did the job she was elected to do. It is a pity that the megalomaniac that pursued her now turns their venom toward Second Pride.
I have news for that individual. Second Pride is better then that. We do not wrestle in the mud nor throw the type of mud that they do. Frankly you should roll up your virtual sleeves, join us and get some work done for the good of the COMMUNITY!!
Respectfully submitted,
Marge Beaumont

Edit 3/15/2014
I have edited the title of the post by substituting the previously used word "slander" with "defamation". I did so after it had been pointed out to me on Facebook that my choice of word was incorrect. My only excuses are that I am a foreigner and that English is not my first language. I thank you for your indulgence and please feel free to inform me if and when I misuse your language.

What is the difference between libel and slander?

Libel and slander are both forms of defamation. The distinction between slander and libel comes in the form of the publication.

Slander involves the oral "publication" of a defamatory remark that is heard by another, which injures the subject's reputation or character. Slander can occur through the use of a hand gesture or verbal communication that is not recorded. Libel, on the other hand, is the written "publication" of a defamatory remark that has the tendency to injure another's reputation or character. Libel also includes a publication on radio, audio or video. Even though this would be considered oral, or verbal, communication to someone it is actually considered to be libel because it is published in a transfixed form.


  1. Well said Marge... I have not seen the post that you refer to...but I really don't have to. Over the years there have been several people that "go off the deep end"...make untrue accusations, and slanderous comments. Most of what they say is refuted by just looking at SP's financials or reading the minutes which are readily available to anyone that cares to look at the "real" facts.
    I wish I could explain why certain people continue to attack an organization that has no other purpose than to help bring the community together. Pride has donated over $30,000 to RL charities and has created a home for any SL service, advocacy or support group in the LGBTQ community that desires a home and a place to promote their activity. The people that sit on it's board for the most part over the years have devoted a great deal of time and treasure to help Pride throw an annual Pride celebration for the ENTIRE community.
    I find it interesting that the people that often create the controversy... never attend Pride's meetings, obviously have never taken the time to examine the meeting minutes or monthly financial reports...and have never offered any help or support towards the mission of Pride. They pull their accusations out of thin air and spread rumors and character assassination about with no consideration of the facts.
    The current Board deserves our community's support and deserves our help to pull off another festival where the community can share with each other the various aspects of our community.
    Every organization in RL or here in our virtual world has detractors... people that insist of projecting their negative feelings and attitudes through any community they are a party to. Lets hope that the positive among us will drown out less than positive and amplify the goodness that the majority of us feel towards each other and act as an instrument of good for our community. All any of has to do is ask ourselves... "what is the best for the LGBTQ community......OUR community" and act on it.

  2. Please leave the drama to the pro's!!!!! You dramaqueens!


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