Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Dej!

If anyone had asked me about you four years and a month ago, my dearest brother Dej, I would have told them that you were a friend of my Ars but that I myself couldn't stand being around you because you are an abrasive and arrogant bastard.

Then came March 11, 2010, the day that everything changed.

Since that day, I have come to love you, care for you and trust you. Oh, don't get me wrong, you are still an abrasive and arrogant bastard, but now I know you better. Under that rugged crust there is a sweet, loving, caring and loyal man who cares deeply for those close to his heart and whom one can entrust with your life and your safety.

Today you celebrates another of those "important" anniversaries, my sweet brother. Let's not go into which, suffice it to say you are over 25 and no longer a virgin. I find it strange that you sexy, sweet, warm and loving hunk of a man - despite my best efforts to sell you off - are still single on this auspicious day.

No matter, I know that someday, one day, there will surely come along another loving, warm and intelligent person that will make the effort to learn to know you and who will eventually love you for those sides of yourself that you hides so well. If he loves you half as much as I do, Dej, you will indeed be a lucky man!

Happy birthday, my brother, and may we spend many more of them together!


  1. I know that hot bitch. She looks great for 39.

    1. Whaddaya mean 39, I thought she was 35...?

  2. p.s. How did you know I just lost my virginity?

    1. One word "Surveillance-cameras-covering-the-entire-sim"...;P


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