Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Batshit Ruler of Brunei

Once upon a time there was a king in a country on the fringe of the civilized world, who thought it was a great idea to show his religious fervor by making the books of Moses in the bible an appendix to the criminal laws of his country.

The king was Charles IX of Sweden and the year was 1608. By this legislation many offenses which previously had been considered as merely sins but had not been criminalized would henceforth be punishable by death. It meant a general brutalization of the Swedish criminal law.

The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah
In 2014 a ruler of a diminutive country on an other edge of the civilized world that gets kind of the same idea. This time it is the Sultan of Brunei, who is simultaneously the Prime Minister, who - despite international condemnation and domestic criticism - is pushing ahead with a bat crazy idea of introducing Islamic sharia laws as the penal code of his country.

The initial phase, which begun on May 1st, introduced fines or jail terms for offences ranging from indecent behavior, failure to attend Friday prayers, and out-of-wedlock pregnancies. A second phase covering crimes such as theft and robbery is to be implemented later this year, involving more stringent penalties such as severing of limbs and flogging. Late next year, punishments such as death by stoning for offences including sodomy and adultery will be introduced.

When the Much Honored Bock McMillan,laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls, Sovereign Ruler of the Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment Region and Outer Territories and finally UN appointed Protector of the Solace Island and Mount Whitney sims in SecondLife, heard of this batshittery he was rendered speechless for a short while and then erupted: "The next time I meet that silly little twat Hassanal, I am going to go up to him, bitch-slap the living daylights out of him and tell the stupid cunt to get with the times."


  1. Shall I throw my drink in his face and Shall I kick him in the shins? Shall I ?

  2. If you're going to kick, Ziggy, aim higher than the shins. :-)


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