Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Brave New Virtual World Is Underway

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The most sensational news yesterday - for those of us with a presence in virtual worlds - was undoubtedly Ebbe Altberg (a.k.a. Ebbe Linden in-world),  CEO of Linden Lab, confirmation that the lab is investing heavily in creating a new SecondLife.

The project is expected to take several years to accomplish. The new virtual world will not be constrained by the limitations that the existing SecondLife and "backward compatibility. Although there are some hopes for some levels of migration, given the new platform may well be revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, whether this will be possible , and at what level cannot at this time be determined." (Quote from "Living in a Modemworld")

There are already  many excellent summaries on this development on other blogs, so I will refer you to them.

New World Notes:
BREAKING: Linden Lab Confirms It's Building New Virtual World "Far Beyond What is Possible with Second Life" (Updated with Official Statement)

Living in a Modemworld: 
a) Ebbe confirms: “we’re working on a ‘next generation’ platform” (with audio) with an interview with Ebbe Linden
b) Lab: “We’re not giving up on Second Life”

Jo Yardley's Second Life: 
a) Linden Lab working on new virtual world
b) Linden Lab officially responds to the new virtual world story

Eddi & Ryce's Second Life:
Hear Ebbe Linden Make the Announcement of Linden Lab's New Virtual World Over at Inara Pey's Blog

Mona Eberhardt │ Living Virtualy:
Linden Lab working on Second Life’s successor?


  1. I hate to fish for blog hits -- it is rude -- but the more I think about the announcement the less of a big deal I think it is. All Ebbe's announcement states is that they are WORKING on a new virtual world. Is anyone surprised? If you want to read my analysis, including my reasoning for why Linden lab may be acquired by a bigger company, head over to my blog.

  2. Wowsa! This is great news! One simple question to answer is will we be able to register our current avatars on the new platform? That would seem the least they could do for long time SL'ers.

    In any case, it will be very interesting to see what's next. Thanks for sharing the news Bock :)

    1. I hope they do us the favor to reserve our SL-names on the new platform, Diana Darling, it would the least they could do for us oldies-but-goldies.


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