Monday, June 23, 2014

How To Make A Quilt

I found the instructions that Jace Byrne, the holder of the previous quilts, sent out concerning how to make a quilt in SecondLife. The following are essentially the instructions he gave.

Be creative and don't worry about people judging your work! Focus on your feelings and relations to the person the panel is for.

Set everything to full perms. This is VERY important. quilts have been lost over the years due to being restricted perms.

You should put the name of the person in the object's name (i.e "Ars Northmead Quilt") and write a little something in the description too. A notecard giver script is also acceptable.

There are two main ways to make a panel. 
  • Make an image in Photoshop or GIMP or whatever you use for textures. Upload the image and put it on the top face of a flattened cube. That's it, you're done. 
  • The other way is to use the build tools to construct a panel in 3D. 

  1. PG only, please don't make panels that can only be displayed on a Moderate or Adult sim.
  2. Panels can be up to 12 prims. They must be linked together. The root prim should be the base or frame of the panel.
  3. Maximum size is X: 2 m, Y: 2m, Z: 1m. (If you go over a little in height that's OK, we just don't want things to tower over other panels.)
  4. No scripts (Notecard giver or one rotation are acceptable), particles, animations, spinners  etc. Absolutely NO glow or sound.
  5. Set permissions to full perms (copy/mod/trans), to do so make sure you have checked all three boxes under Next Owner Can in the edit window.
  6. You can use the notecard to say something about your friend. If you do, say "click for notecard" in the description.


Now you know how to create your quilt, so you can get  it done in preparation for a hoped for permission from the Second Pride Board of Directors to go ahead with the suggestion I made in the post titled A New "Names Project" for Second Pride

Do not, I repeat not, send anything to the Second Pride Avatar until we have been given permission to do so by the SP board.

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