Friday, June 6, 2014

Sweden's National Day 2014

June 6 is Sweden's National Day and the Swedish Flag's Day in first life.

In SecondLife it has also been proclaimed to be the International Kiss-A-Swede Day by The Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm, prince of Cascade Falls, Sovereign Ruler of the Commonwealth of The Southern Enchantment Region and Outer Territories and by the United Nations appointed Protector of the Solace Island and Mount Whitney sims. 

To celebrate the day I am - as has become my habit - going to share with you the song that should rightfully be Sweden's National Anthem (if everyone would just listen to me).

This is a lousy concert version. Ulf is most likely more than a little drunk and is taking far too many liberties with his own beautiful song, but all other versions on the Internet have limited permissions and could not be viewed by International audiences. I am indebted to my friend Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck for helping me find this video, as something is better than nothing!

I Feel Best In Open Landscapes
music and lyrics by Ulf Lundell (lyrics translated to English by Bock McMillan)

I feel best in open landscapes, close to the sea I want to live
A few months throughout the year, so I can get peace within
I feel best in open landscapes, where winds are blowing full
Where the larks fly free up to the sky, and singing wonderful
There I make my own aquavit, and flavor it with St. John´s Wort
And drink it with pleasure, with herring and homemade bread
I feel best in open landscapes, close to the sea I want to live.

I feel best in peace and freedom, for both body and soul
No one comes too close to me, who shuts in and steals
I feel best when the day is breaking, where fields are filled with light
When cocks crow far away, where it´s far to the closest house
But still so close, that one quiet silent night
When you're sitting under the stars, you can still hear the laughter
I feel best in peace and freedom, for both body and soul

I feel best when the sea is swelling, and gulls are crying high
When the beach is filled with seashells, with the oceans sound inside
When the clear and the simple, can exist the way it wants
Where yes is yes, and no is no, and doubt is lying low
Then I tie a ring of leafs, and lay it on the closest rock
Where runes were cut for our sake, once so long ago
I feel best when the sea is swelling, and the gulls are crying high

I feel best in open landscapes, close to the sea I want to live.


  1. The video is not available in your country. I get that when I click it

    1. Sorry for that Petr. Let me see if I can find another version to post!

    2. OK I posted another version, please tell me if you can see and hear it.

  2. Everyday should be kiss a Swede day.

    1. I agree Anna, but the Internationals cannot be expected to handle our needs and urges everyday... ;)

  3. It's a really nice song. i listened to it a few times.

    But what is wrong with the Swedish National Anthem now? Du gamla, Du fria? Granted it is a bit morose - I just read the lyrics in Wiki-- but it is a pretty song as National Anthems go.

    Maybe if you changed the lyrics to talk about doing what Swedes love to do it could be a hit --something like this in Swedish-------------------

    I want to drink lots of cheap vodka on ferry boats ,

    I want to get suntanned in the summer rays,

    I want to have lots of hot sex,

    I want to wear natural fabrics and not Polyester like the Finns,

    let my lutefisk always be merry and bright,

    Lord I thank thee for letting me be born a Swede!


    Happy Sweden Day to you Bock and all your Swedish friends including Princess Madeline who I know reads your blog on a regular basis!

    1. LOL Eddi, that's an awful idea!

      First we wouldn't mention "the Lord", secondly we wouldn't be able to have our anthem sung if we win anything in the U.S.A. with the lyrics you suggest, Can you imagine the protests...? Lastly, if we offend the Finns they will never allow us to live it down, and so many of them already have a grudge against us for historic reasons.

      Our present anthem is more than a little morose, it is like a funeral psalm.

      Thanks Eddi, from me, her royal highness and the other Swedes. Of course I already know that Princess Madeleine reads my blog, she has been doing so since her pregnancy and we are in constant communication, although it must of course be handled with the greatest discretion.


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