Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Queen & King of Second Pride Pageant

Who can participate?:
Anyone in the avatar form of your preference. We are celebrating diversity! However, you may only apply for either Queen or King, not both.

What to do for the Grand Finale on June 29th at 10:00 AM SLT (this applies to both Queen and King):

You will style two outfits:
  1. Be inspired by anything that is great, which well represents why the LGBT community should be proud. You may decide to be inspired by Oscar Wilde, or perhaps a fashion designer or a movie star, or a LGBT activist from anywhere around the world. Make us proud!
  2. Dress yourself as you believe the Queen or King of Second Pride should look like. Be original, be bold, be flamboyant and be fab!
How to participate:
  1. Write a first notecard labeled: "I want to be Queen - YOUR NAME" or "I want to be King - YOUR NAME" 
  2. Include a full perm photo of your full avatar, and a short explanation of why you could well represent the LGBT Community.
  3. Drop that notecard on Frolic Mills' profile in-world.
  1. Write a second notecard labeled "Why I am proud - YOUR NAME"
  2. Include a short statement about who or what you got inspired by for your first styling
  3. Drop that notecard on Frolic Mills' profile in-world
Rehearsal and Show time:
There is a mandatory rehearsal on Saturday June 28th at: 10:00 AM SLT
The Queen and King Pageant will be held on Sunday June 29th, 10 AM SLT.

* L$10,000 for the Queen and the King
* L$5,000 for the 1st runner up Queen and King
* L$2,500 for the 2nd runner up  Queen and King

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Frolic Mills or Mr. Mills personal assistant AbbyJean Resident.

Good luck!

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