Friday, July 11, 2014

Supersecret Revealed

It is now time to reveal my supersecret project!

Just as at Second Pride Bock in SecondLife  will be providing a resting place for visitors to the GA SummerFest who may need to take a breather during their shopping and partying.

My storefront will be hosted by my sexy Latin American cousin Esteban de McMillan y Torres y Cortez y de la Mancha y Gomez y Gomez.

Esteban will see to it that the visitors are provided with free coffee, chocolate chip cookies and beautiful cupcakes to look at, games to play and comfortable and luxurious seating.  (Please note that Esteban is supposedly straight, although it is rumored that he may become bi-curious after the fifth shot of tequila or vodka.)

Should the visitors wish there will also be a click-able link to Bock in SecondLife on one of the walls to provide some cultural diversion and nourishment for the their eager and curios minds.

Freebie: A wonderful and fashionforward hat made by my own hands for the most daring of fashionistas.

I will try to be at the storefront to hobnob with visitors and readers of my blog as often as humanly possible for a ruler of the Commonwealth of Southern Enchantment and a man with my busy agenda.

Transportation to the Bock in SecondLife storefront (SLurl) (first it takes you to the forced landing point, then you click again to get to my place). By all means do take a look around, there are some awesome exhibits and stores!


  1. The handsome (and reportedly str8) Esteban de McMillan y Torres y Cortez y de la Mancha y Gomez y Gomez groped me while I had my back turned getting some cookies. Not that I minded, just saying.....

    1. Thanks for reporting this, Garth!

      I will have to have a serious talk-to with don Esteban, he promised not to drink while on the job, but if this continues I may have to put mittens on him ... maybe...

      Come to think of it, perhaps I should go the other direction instead? If I see to it that he has gotten his five shots and then let him grope the passers-by it may be my storefront will attract more visitors? Whaddaya think?


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