Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cake In the Face

The temperature in the upcoming national election in Sweden in September, was raised several degrees yesterday when Göran Hägglund, Minister for Health and Social Affairs and leader of the Christian Democrats of Sweden, got a cake shoved into his face when he was in Gothenburg, Sweden, to give a campaign speech.
Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT
The cake-attacker was a 20 y.o. spectator who was apprehended by the police immediately after the incident.

The Fag Army insignia
Today a group called Fag Army (who have a presence on F*c*book) accepted responsibility for the cake-attack, saying they are a group of men who identify as LGBTQ and that they are tired of homophobia and the liberal mass-hysteria "that too often hijacks our struggle against it".

In it's statement on F*c*book, the group also stated that the group "caked" Mr. Hägglund as he represents a homophobic and transphobic party which over the years has done everything it could to thwart  the rights of LGBTQ people and that the Christian Democrats is the party in the present government that represent and normalize "the oppression that stalks, abuses and kills (LGBTQ people)" 

The statement ends with a laconic postscript that says, "Given what religious extremists have done to us LGBTQ people throughout history, isn't a cake in the face quite innocent?"

Although I do agree with Fag Army that a cake in the face is quite innocent and that the Christian Democrats of Sweden is a party for organized homophobia and transphobia, I believe that there are better ways to handle our opponents. This, however, doesn't mean that I don't think this was a hilarious action and that it probably helped to put focus on the Christian Democratic parties deplorable stance on LGBTQ issues.

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