Friday, August 22, 2014


I got this notecard and gift from my buddy Kip Ashbourne today.
"I made this Ice Bucket Challenge photo prop because, I got inspired from watching this moving video: ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE - UNCENSORED & SEXY? 

Please if you can spare a bit,  think about making a donation to ALS. Website is here: FIGHT ALS WITH THE #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE. Just press the donate button.

For more information about ALS check out the website here: What is ALS?

About the prop
To turn Particles on touch the Green button.
To turn Particles off touch the Red button.
To Hide the Buttons just slide the prop into the ground a little bit.

I hope you have fun with it and challenge your friends.

Send them the landmark to get their own!


So go ahead, get your pose-pack and start challenging your friends. Don't forget to donate!


  1. Thanks For posting this and Thanks to Kip Ashbourne for the Ice Bucket Prop ... We have It set up also in thanks to Debora Stine of MUSCHI Fashions at the Second Life Pro Wrestling Community Headquarters and you can donate there too (all Donations go directly to ... So Far we've all raised almost $7,000L but I KNOW we can do
    better, so come on down, do the challenge, issue your own and DONATE!!!

  2. WOW Curt, great going, I hope you get a many more to participate!


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