Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stalking the Talent

On Sunday my man and I visited the beautiful Southern California (SoCal) sim (SLurl), because the talent in the family wanted to take a picture there.
"Stalking the Talent" by Bock McMillan
Tomais at first had a completely different picture in his mind, but as the owner wasn't online he could not get permission to rez the car he needed for that. However, there is no way of stopping a talented man who is inspired so he came up with another idea.

As always when the talent goes into his creative mode, i.e. trying out various angles for the shot or all his 8,653 Windlight settings, all the while mumbling to himself and from time to time asking my opinion, I went off on my own excursion looking at the sim and my man.

As I sometimes do, I decided to take a snapshot of my lover at work and do my own variation on the same theme. Above you see my take and below is Tomais wonderful photo (posted on Flickr).
Pretty in Pink
"Pretty in Pink" by Tomais Ashdene

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