Thursday, September 11, 2014

Like Moths To A Flame

I don't consider myself to be that much to look at in my first life, but recent incidents on my daily train travels between my work and home seem to indicate that I now have suddenly become attractive to certain sections of the gay or bisexual male population who are roughly half my age.
A beautiful Cecropia Moth
Twice in the last two weeks I have been hit upon by quite handsome and much younger men. I think they must have a weird kink for middle-age men and I certainly don't feel particularly tempted to engage.

The incidents remind me of something my best friend, a straight man, told me recently about an encounter he had with a woman half his age.

My friend has always been popular among the ladies for his good looks and charming ways. He is single at the moment and was out on the town where he happened to meet a young woman in a bar. She supposedly hit on him really hard so after a few drinks and some talk they went back to my friends place for some heterosexual fornication.

All went exceedingly well at first up until the woman suddenly started telling him "F*ck me, you dirty old bastard!" and other things referring to his much older age. He confessed that he was so badly shocked by the verbal abuse that he completely lost the ability to continue performing.

Even though I may have reached an age that fulfills some younger men's kinky desires, I know I would not like to perceive myself - or being perceived by others, let alone someone I am having sex with - as a dirty or old man.  I don't think I will give in to their alluring charm, at least not without careful consideration. Besides, I have always been more attracted to men who are roughly the same age as I am.

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