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SecondLife's Got Talent - 2014

I was talking with my dear friend Garth Raleigh, the former Lead of Gay Archipelago and now an esteemed statesman, when he sent me this press release for "GA's Got Talent". It takes place on December 20th 2014 and is one of the events of this years GA WinterFest.

Garth has assured me that the contest is open to all residents of SecondLife (whether or not you live in the Gay Archipelago), hence my choice of title for this post.
GA's Got Talent - The official rules for all contestants
  1. This event is for contestants to get experience with performing and of course to have FUN. And for the audience to see a great show and watch the talented contestants.
  2. Drama and 'cat fights' are not allowed. All contestants are equal and we expect them to play fair (this includes ALL 'People's Choice' audience voting' issues. no exceptions)
  3. Contest management reserves the right to eliminate any contestant(s) not following contest regulations properly at all times

The Application
  • Make a choice what act you want to do at stage. It can be a SOLO or a DUO. Because we expect a big crowd, the second performer can be a duo singer, a dancer or assist with a magical act. 
  • For the background of the stage we need a texture or snapshot (landscape format), NOT low pixels. else it looks blurry. 
  • Some objects can be rezzed on stage if you are not a pixel size queen. We ask that you avoid heavily-scripted items completely (note - Contest managers will monitor prim usage and take appropriate actions to ensure stable prim counts & scripting behavior during the contest, including immediate return of unauthorized items or heavily scripted items) 
  • Please choose a 'stage name' for this performance. Your 'Stage name' can be the artist name or be related to the kind of act you do. 
  • Music can be the song you like to perform OR the background music of a magical act. Your music choice should be in MP3 format and will be given to our host DJ to assemble the show stream.
  • Your performance/act should be no longer in time than 5 minutes and 50 seconds
  • There is no theme... so you can be opera singer, rapper, dancer Rudolf Nureyev or Houdini. 
  • This contest bears a 'Mature' rating, as does the GA Coronal Estate in general. Contest management reserves the rights to reject any submitted applications for performance that are deemed in poor taste (see "Community Standards' guidelines in Second Life should you have questions. 
  • You will need to schedule rehearsal times for your performance well in advance of the final performance. This will be done through the Contest managers so as to allow normal stage operations, maintain fairness of competition and quality of the overall show.
  • COMPLETE AND RETURN the application provided below BEFORE NOVEMBER 20TH, 2014 to Othon Weiland 

The prizes
The winner can win L$5000, the first runner up can win L$2500 and the second runner up can win L$1000.
If two or more contestants get the same votes they have to share the money (for instance: 1 and 2 get each 3750 (5000 + 2500).  
The prize money is donated by the GA community. The hosting estate will supply the technical equipment.

The voting
A contest board will be rezzed for the people's choice. This will be 1/5 of the total votes.

Four judges with knowledge of fashion/costumes, animations/dancing, performing will watch the show and send their votes to Othon Weiland.

The show
GA's Got Talent will take place on December 20, 2014, as part of the Gay Archipelago WinterFest. 
At the start and also at end of the show, when the judges are sending Othon Weiland their ranking, performers of Theater on the Hill will perform. These performers are permitted to take part in the contest.

Othon Weiland

The event is sponsored by the Gay Archipelago and the GA Coronal Estate.
Contestant Application
Create a notecard named "GA's Got Talent (Your name here)" containing the following information.Name Contestant:
Stage Name (artist):
Song :
File music:
Background set :Set object(s):

Send your application to Othon Weiland at the latest on November 20th, 2014.

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