Sunday, January 11, 2015

Project -15: The Work Begins

On Wednesday my landscaper Samuel Fallen, of Lytton & Fallen, started work on the project. I first noticed that because I started getting offline messages about returned objects. Later on I also received a shopping list.

I was eager to log in to my SecondLife to see what had been done, so a few hours later I did just that. I am not lying when I tell you that you I almost fell out of my chair out of surprise and joy when I saw the master landscaper had been working on.
Samuel had in his very first day done accomplished everything I needed - or could have wished for - to justify my hiring of a professional landscaper.

Just look at the stairs leading up to the main entrance from the duck-pound. I hadn't even dreamed of anything like those stairs, but once I had seen them, they made p-e-r-f-e-c-t sense! I loved the rest of it too.

From now on I will put my worries aside and completely trust Samuel's instincts and professional ability to see what can be achieved and how it should be done.

We haven't yet found a perfect system for how to see to it that Samuel uses my objects so that I can work the HUD in the future. Our present system is that I buy the stuff that Samuel tells me to buy and I follow after him and replace the objects he has put out with mine. This means that Samuel has to do the same work twice, which is unfortunate and time consuming, because he then has to resize and replace my objects where he wants them to be.

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