Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's Fat Tuesday

Millions upon millions of these buns are eaten in Sweden today, which used to be the traditional day when they were first served. Nowadays you can buy them immediately after Christmas.

Every decent employer in the country has treated their employees to these buns during the afternoon coffee-break. The employees then go home and eat some with their families also.

I usually manage one of these a year, but I have friends who really love them and could eat one or two every day of the year.

For a recipe in English on how to make these delicacies, which in Swedish are called fastlagsbullar, fettisdagsbullar or semlor (depending on where you live in the country and the dialect of Swedish you speak), please visit SwedishFood.com: Lent buns.

The recipes never tell you how to eat these monstrosities. There are about nine million correct ways to do it. The only wrong way is to eat it like you would eat a hamburger, that is a definite no-no and would leave you with cream, almond paste and sugar all over your face.

I eat it like this:
1. First I take off the lid and scoop up a little of the cream on it and nibble away that part of the lid. I continue to do this until about half of the cream and all of the lid is finished.
2. Then I take a small spoon and gently caress of a bit of the cream and the almond paste that is in the center until I only have a shallow layer of cream and almond paste left.
3. At this point I have two alternatives on how to proceed depending on my mood and the company, either
  a) I take the bun in my hand and eat the bun and the rest of the cream and almond paste or
  b) I use a spoon to hack my way through the bun/cream/almond paste until it's all finished.

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