Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fair Winds and Following Seas

The past Sunday I got an unexpected message from an old friend in the Swedish camp of SecondLife. It was an invitation from Ix Heron to attend the christening of a vessel of the SecondLife Coast Guard (SLCG). 
Left to right: Donatella Mitchell, Titti Anatine, Ix Heron & Deej Kasshiki
This was a special occasion for Ix because it was the first occasion that he would be a part of the honor guard. To become a part of the honor guard is - as I understand it - no small feat. To even be considered for this honor the candidate must pass both the practical and theoretical tests as first of his class and also be known as a good, supportive and helpful companion. 

Well, I must say that the SLCG has chosen well in honoring Ix. He is absolutely one of the most reliable and honorable men in SecondLife and one of the kindest and most supportive too. I know this from cooperating with him several times through the years at different events in Swedish SL. 
The ceremony at the christening of the vessel was very formal and followed age-old traditions. The SLCG Commandant Thorn Blackflag opened the ceremonies by welcoming us to the event. He was followed by Pier Cukor, who had built the ship, telling us about its particulars. After which we saw Allian Blackwell step up and christening the vessel "Potomac" with a pleasant speech and a bottle of champagne crushed on the stern of the vessel while we all toasted the Potomac and wished her fair winds and following seas in her service to the people of SecondLife.
A squadron of the helicopter force do a fly over in honor of the Potomac
,,,and the honor guard performed beautifully throughout the ceremony
This was another first in SL, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thanks for inviting me Ix, you made me proud to know you!

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