Saturday, April 18, 2015

Holtwaye: Molly Bloom's “Rock 'n' Roll ” - UPDATED

Molly Bloom's “Rock 'n' Roll” opens today Saturday April 18th, 6 PM SLT, at Holtwaye Gallery, with live music by the band The Follow.

UPDATE: The time has had to be changed to 7-9 PM after the band withdrew because they were shocked by demonic naked women's tits and asses. Entertainment will be provided by DJ Kodey from 7 PM SLT and a live performance by "Down Under" from 8 PM SLT.
"Molly Bloom is known for her compelling 3D-like imagery in SL, and her latest show “Rock n Roll” at Holtwaye puts her on the map again with musically inspired pieces.  Is it possible to be raw, wild, and sophisticated simultaneously?  Seems to be here - Molly is no stranger to the rock n roll scene herself, and it shows in the compositions she’s masterfully staged.  If these images don’t literally reach out and grab you into the rock ’n roll scene, then not sure what will."  
Holtwaye Gallery (SLurl)


That must be one of the silliest reasons for cancelling a gig that I have ever encountered in both my lives. Shame on The Follow.


  1. Good thing I didn't stay up all nightg to listen to The Follow. They have (up to now!) been one of Apmel's favorite live bands that also perform in SL.

    1. This is totally whacko Apmel, please read Molly Bloom's own statement about the incident (and see the "offensive" pictures). Molly's statement has been re-posted by my friend Petr on his blog Miss Molly Bloom opens “Rock and Roll” tonight at Holtwaye

  2. it gets worse Bock... The band hired — 'the follow' — backed out 4 hours before saying they would not play with nudity in the art, nor around gay people at the event.

    1. I know, my dear friend, I read it in Petr's blog post that I am linking to in one of my comments above.

      Well, if our pink money is not tolerable to the bigots I for one am happy that they showed us where they stand. I would most certainly not want to support anyone who thinks of me as an abomination and would rather see me dead.

    2. Oh I rather use a lot of pull to see if there might be other venues that would consider Taking them off their Schedule... Work in Progress ;)


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