Thursday, May 28, 2015


There is reason to celebrate today, because it's my 3,000th day in SecondLife!
Bock on May 12, 2007, dancing alone at Bad Boy's Plaza
Who would've thought that fateful Monday more than eight years ago that I would still be here so very many years later?

I came out of inquisitiveness, only intending to check out what all the rave was about and why Sweden was opening it's first virtual embassy here. I spent my first weeks on Arrival Island, or whatever the place was called, trying to get my ugly noob avatar to look better so that I was fit to be seen. I'm gay after all, you have to at least try to look your best at any given moment...

As this was back in the day before Linden Lab provided us with the beautiful starter avatars and I lacked the necessary talent I finally gave up and ventured out into the world.

The first thing I looked for when I decided to venture away from Arrival Island, was anything related to Sweden, the second thing was anything to do with sex, preferably the gay variety. The Swedes ignored me completely, while the gays used me for mutual sexual gratification. Within an hour of leaving Arrival Island I was equipped with 10-15 dicks of various sorts, one of which took me far into the skies when I attached it.

After having used SecondLife for quick satisfaction and pixel-sex for a month or so I actually started talking to people before, during and/or after the quickies. My visits started to get longer and I started to make acquaintances, well more like fuck buddies but anyway...

Someone took pity on me and showed me where and how I could get my avatar to look better and where I could meet people for more than sex. I was introduced to Boots Gay Beach and the Devil Inside club (the "only" gay club to be for a while before it was destroyed by drama). I met good people, kind people and of course my share of assholes. I fell in love with Ars, we moved in together and built a life and family together at Southern Charm. Ars died and I seriously considered dropping out of SL, but then there was Southern Charm. I just couldn't leave it, everything there was a reminder of him and I did not want to lose it.

A little before Ars passed away I had reached out to the Swedish community again, with better luck this time. My countrymen and my SecondLife family were extremely supportive throughout my whole grieving process and involved me with community events, with parties and with people etc, etc. And my saga continues from there with a new love, new friends and new involvements and obligations.

So I came to SecondLife out of curiosity, I returned for the sex and continued for the the people, all the wonderful people I have met here.

All in all, it has been an amazing experience and I don't regret it for a second. I now know I'm going to stay here until Linden Lab pulls the plug in San Francisco, hopefully with a new and improved world waiting for me, my love, my family and my friends.

Happy #Bock3000DaysInSL to you all - and may we have many, many more!


  1. bad boys plaza huhs love you Bock and happy 3000!!

  2. Congrats my Swedish buddy. Also congrats for keeping the same avatar for all these years which in itself is a rarity.
    I think my older incarnations must have brushed against you in those old hallowed places.

  3. wow, you were super nooby when you joined, like me! lol. These noobs these days don't know they're born.. ehm.. rezzed. Your story about the cock that made you fly made me LOL in RL. Congrats on your special day.

  4. Aww yes, my noob days of 2008 and discovering Boots Gay Beach. I am still a member and part of that Original gang. Being adopted early, I am sooo grateful for JakeC Hotshot and Eddi Haskell for the makeover they gave me and those who contributed to funding it. Curiosity and exploration was my reason for giving SL a try and it's still part of the reason I am around after all this time. Great story and thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Well Congratulations! Bad Boyz was my first 'home' for a month or so until somebody freed me from the sim lol... Btw I ''am'' only 4 days behind you so 2996 days to date :-)

  6. Thank you so much, guys! Hugs and kisses!

  7. Happy 3,000 days, sweet man! I hope you're still around here with me after 3,000 more!!!


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