Saturday, May 30, 2015


Last night I woke up around 1 AM local time and decided to log into my other life to see what was going on.

I talked with someone who informed me that there was a beach party going on at Steamworkz with DJ Shep (that's Aeschylus Shepard for those who prefer the full name). So I asked for a teleport to the beach.

Now, as you all know, tp's can sometimes be tricky and you end up among some people you are trying to avoid, but this time I was very lucky and landed next to this cute brunette with deep blue eyes, a nicely cropped beard and fuzzy brown hair all over his chest, stomach, arms and legs. Just the kind of man I like.

I briskly moved myself into place beside him and pretended as if nothing in particular was going on. As I stood beside him he sent me a dance invite that I - of course - quickly accepted. He seemed rather shy so I opened up the conversation by thanking him for the invitation to dance, just as an ice breaker. Then when he seemed to feel more confident I moved on to questions about how his day had been.

It seems the beautiful man is an avid collector of vehicles and he started telling me about this wonderful new truck he had just gotten. It was a marvelous addition to all his other planes, boats, ships, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, sleighs and what have you, he told me very happily. The sweet man had even gotten to use the new vehicle in a picture he took that day, so I learned he is a photographer too. He was happy about the picture he and a friend had taken earlier and showed it to me. It was indeed a wonderful picture, I am happy to report.

Well, as we were enjoying the music, dancing and talking it seems we passed the halftime of the set, because he suddenly undressed completely by taking off his skimpy Speedo's and showing all his previously hidden talents to me and everyone else on the beach. And "Wow!", I must say, the guy had lots of talent. Although I pretended like nothing and kept on a calm and leisurely conversation I could not take my camera off his backside.

It was getting late for me, and for him too it seems, because suddenly he told me he was getting tired. So I asked him if he wanted to come home with me and to my great satisfaction he did.

While we were standing at the terrace of our summer home, we canoodled a bit first and the I sent him off to bed with "I love you so much, Tomais!"

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