Sunday, June 14, 2015

Second Pride - June 19th Through 28th

Come be a part of the largest most diverse LGBT Festival on the grid!

Second Pride needs your help and participation to make this years 10th anniversary the best Pride ever!

Interested in performing at this year's Second Pride Festival? Just follow the link below and submit your application today! Festival Performer Information & Application

Interested in being a Sponsor or a Vendor? Sponsor & Vendor Packages. Hurry, hurry - there are still some packages free!

Get involved! Meet new people! Meet up with old friends! Show your Pride!

Although I already know that Second Pride's claim to this being the organization's 10th anniversary is challenged by some, I choose to accept it. (Nota bene, in my response to a comment by my dear friend Garth Raleigh, I - after having reviewed what  Second Pride actually says - correct myself as to the organization claiming anything of the sort.)

In my mind Second Pride - and any other LGBT organization on the grid, that can show any connection between their existing organization and the ad hoc committees celebrating Pride in the early days of SecondLife, can make the same claim.


  1. Hello, my dear Bock.
    I bet the latter half of this posting from you harkens back to a conversation you and I had toward the beginning of this year when I saw that someone in the SP group was claiming 10 years of activity for the organization.
    It saddens me to no end, in RL and in SL, that groups, especially those that are LGBT-oriented forget their past and neglect things such as archiving and preservation. Knowing where we have come from....where we have been and the struggles we have endured all play a major factor in the formation of the future.
    So my question to you today is: why 10? why not go for it and say 12? The biggest celebration in SL is coming soon...SL12B - why not choose to identify and represent the community there?
    The '10 years of Pride' seems like a poor choice in advertising on behalf of SP seeing as how archived data in the Gay Archipelago mentions bits and pieces regarding the formation of SP (and the support of the GA in such) as of June, 2007 - that would be 8 years. Nothing wrong with celebrating 8 years of Pride! I do it every day (well, add a few years on to that to compensate for RL age - lol)!
    SP and misrepresentation have not always been strangers, you have to admit. I'm looking forward to the day when that gets totally washed out of the organization. Have a great day, my dear friend and hope to see you soon! Enjoy Pride Season! XO

    1. Hello, my dear friend Garth!

      Yes of course I did remember my conversation with you about that matter when I wrote the last part of the post.

      Like you I also lament the fact that those who are in the process of making history aren't always aware of it and don't keep publicly accessible records of their feats, but there is nothing we can do about that.

      Now to the core of your comment.

      As far as I have seen the claim from Second Pride has not been "A Decade of Second Pride" or "The 10th anniversary of Second Pride", but always "A Decade of Pride" or "The 10th Anniversary of Pride", i.e there is not - in my opinion - a claim from the organisation Second Pride of being 10 years old.

      What "Second Pride" - the organisation - is celebrating is the fact that this is the tenth consecutive year that we celebrate "Pride" - an event of celebrating LGBT-pride in SecondLife.

      As we both have found through our researches, that claim is indeed factual, as the oldest (now) known celebration of Pride in SecondLife was held in 2005 (there is still an existing group from the ad hoc committee that organized the event).

      So unlike you I do not see a false claim or "misinterpretation" I see that Second Pride is celebrating the efforts of our predecessors in this wonderful world we call our second home. As I also say in my post, any LGBTQI organisation in SecondLife can join in and celebrate that fact.

      I always enjoy our talks and meeting you, my dear Garth, thanks for being a good friend!

      Happy Pride, my friend, and you should come along with me to the Second Pride Festival as I always join at the Gay Archipelago's SummerFest.

      As a very wise friend of mine (You) once told me, "There is enough pride to go around" (or something to that effect)!


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