Monday, July 13, 2015

A Social Experiment

(via J.M.G.)

In a social experiment two guys pretend to be homosexuals in Russia and walk the streets of Moscow holding hands.

The reactions are scary and shows how successful the President of Russia, Vladimir "Little Father" Putin, and his cohorts have been in their "Gay Propaganda"-efforts at focusing the Russian society on homophobia instead of their real problems, such as lack of democracy and criminal activities by the ruling nomenclatura.

After reading some of the violently hateful responses to the video on YouTube, I believe there is valid reason to fear for the two guys safety.

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  1. Oh how cute, Mother Russia is still living in the dark ages pre-1950's even ;-)
    So many insecurities and so many closeted gays pretending to be offended. I once worked with a Russian guy that told me point blank that in his country I would be killed on the spot. I told him this was Canada and here we will kill you first and we have some big friends like um....England, USA etc etc. He apologized and got fired a week later for racist and homophobic actions hehehe.


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