Sunday, November 29, 2015

The BMcM Corporation Diversifies

Prince Duncan Aycliffe McMillan, CFO of The BMcM Corporation, recently presented a report to the board of directors in which he concluded that the best return per Linden Dollar could be found on investments in the industries of munitions, drugs, crime or sex. Due to legal ramifications in the first three industries the board decided that the company should focus on the sex industry, particularly the production of pornografic material of the highest quality and with intellectual superiority.

To fulfill this aim the board constructed WellHung Studios Ltd (A part of the BMcM Corporation). The company started the production of its first motion picture on Friday. The working title of the production is "The Pizza Boy; He delivers - 2015".
According to the director Mr. Dejerrity Mycron, the film is a film about the making of the well known classic with the same name.

The cast is absolutely stellar with the participation of, among others,
JJ Goodman (formerly of BelAmi) as "The Ravenous Pizza Customer"
Lee McKay (formerly of Falcon Studios) as "The Wayward Pizza Boy",
Static Frenzy (formerly of Titan Men) as "The Boom-Boom Boy" and 
Tomais Ashdene (formerly of Treasure Island Media) as "The Camera Man".

The Much Honored Bock McMillan appears in a cameo role as "The Director".

The movie is expected to premiere worldwide in March 2016.


  1. YAY - next should be the Secret Life in the Lairds back stairs

  2. I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked. And I'll require hi-rez copies of all your photographs, please, just so I can be sure that I'm really shocked. And the home phone numbers of the models. ;-)


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