Thursday, February 25, 2016

There's A New Bock Inworld

Please meet Little Bock, my latest apparition inworld.

Little Bock has a SMB Mesh Body and was created mainly for photographic purposes.

Little Bock has no "pipi" and is hardly ever naked except to change clothes, so those of you who are about to shout "vile pedophile" at me can just clam up and go about your usual business.

I have always been a bit wary of the strange and strong reactions one sometimes get in SecondLife towards child avatars.

It's as if some people cannot see a child without thinking about sex, which to me signifies that the ones reacting have more to worry about than the people creating child avatars.


  1. I absolutely love it. I love seeing little Tomais too.
    I get the fun you get from a carefree child avatar the same feeling like when I am a furry. You feel like a kid again and it's fun to role-play and and explore through a child's eyes all over again without worrying about being muscle bound or sexual or keeping up with the Kardashians which is so predominant in the gay community especially.


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