Friday, June 24, 2016

And the World Turns...

So... I'm utterly stunned today by the news I woke up to this morning, because I really could not imagine that a majority of the people of the United Kingdom would vote for leaving the European Union.

I have always had this vain belief that people in general are rational and will make conscious decisions that are in the best interest of their communities or - at least - in their own personal interest.

I read somewhere that the results of this referendum, caused a loss in British wealth during a few hours much exceeding what they have been paying to the EU since 1975 (not counting what they have received back from the EU). Edited 10:35PM SLT

The consequences of this referendum will cause us all much turmoil over the coming years, but especially for the Britons. The British pound is plummeting and the US dollar is soaring, which will among other things - and because this is a SecondLife blog - lead to SecondLife becoming more expensive for non-US nationals.

Thankfully the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who caused this mess by calling a referendum to try to curtail conflict within his own Conservative Party, has announced his resignation.


  1. It's a sad state of affairs. As a 'Remain' voter yesterday I was completely bowled over this morning to see that 52% of our population wanted out. Misinformation and dreams of days long gone empire seem to have prevailed. I'm only now recovering from the waves of nausea.

    In the initial hours after the announcement, our banks lost approximately £40 billion. Equating to 3 years of EU membership fees, however most of this was gained back by close of trading. So not sure where you're getting the idea that it's cost UK everything it has paid into the EU since 1975. 'Somewhere', obviously.

    Nonetheless, here's a link to some sensible data:

    1. Thanks for your comment, Darren!

      Yeah, I admit, I was a bit rash and upset when I blogged this and, as you correctly point out, I do not have any real foundation for that statement other than that I actually did read it "somewhere" and cannot recall where. So it's a "Oops!"


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