Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Madonna Continued - The Missing Scenes

As I am certain, most of remember, "Madonna´s Virtual History Tour 2016 - Strike A Pose" was hit by some misfortunes which lead to some alterations having to be made, among other that the dance master crashed and was unable to get back into SecondLife. 

I was however able to catch the show at Fruit Islands Estate, this time without the irritating glitches. So here come a few of the missing scenes...

In one of the set some pre-invited audience members were invited to join the ensemble on stage. Below you catch Kahvy as a drummer, you should also see Bart Boon as a keyboard player, while Helene and RickJ can be spotted on the other side of the stage with a guitar and another keyboard
As always I had great fun and enjoyed the wonderful show thoroughly.

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