Friday, September 2, 2016

It Works Now, But... (Updated)

The Second Pride website crashed spectacularly a while back.

Work has since been going on to revive it again. There seems to be some progress as this is what I got when I just tried.
However, even if it will be in order soon - according to the original timeframe decided upon - the candidate statements should have been posted there on August 31, 2016, and there was to be a questions and comments period going on right now until the evening today. 

The actual voting should start tomorrow and go on until wednesday, if the board doesn't decide anything else considering the unforeseeable server-crash. 

I strongly encourage the board to first see to it that the website is up and in working order, then decide on a new timeframe for the elections. After all the eligible voters have not been able to know who the candidates are or to pose questions to them.

Update (after a fast response from the board of directors)
I have been informed that work is feverishly going on on the new website (they have to work from scratch).
LLedge Eames, the chair of SP, and Karl Kalchek, the chair of the election committee, after a discussion yesterday, agreed that the goal is to post candidate statements during this weekend. The timeline for the election will be adjusted, once they have access to the  website.
The candidates that have stepped forward have been informed of the above.
Viktor Sandamn, the secretary of Second Pride, will post a notice concerning this to the Second Pride Festival Group today.

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