Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is Your SecondLife Getting Cloudy?

The tip of the day comes from my buddy Eddi Haskell´s blog today

Having problems with Second Life performance lately? This is why and what you can do about it


  1. Bock, I know you are a big fan of LL, so I will temper my comments. The SL viewer is awful (censored comment, I cleaned it up for you) and it only gets worse with every update. I use the LL viewer, and I have limited my time in SL as result. I can no longer buy Lindens, search for events or even view profiles at all without calling LL for support. From recent data, it looks like others have similar problems. LL is at a point where the only thing that will sustain them is their customer loyalty which seems to be waning with every day. Lucky for me, I am here because I met friends like you, not for what the marketplace has to offer :)

    Still, if LL doesn't wake up soon, the grid won't survive. I hope it does :)

  2. Guilty as charged, Miss D, but I am not blind either.

    I am only hoping we are going through all this because our friends at Linden Lab are working on improving the system. Needless to say, they should inform us about what is going on instead of pretending we would not notice.

    Come to think of it, I would even willingly accept that they closed down my alternative life for 2-3 days if they could get through their updates faster that way, if only they told us about it well in advance so we could make preparations!


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